Karate Self Defense

Joe Lewis KarateThe Japanese art of martial arts was converted to modern American sport karate by US soldiers who learned hand-to-hand combat during both wars in Korea and Vietnam. One of the marine soldiers who became worldfamous for his karata style he learned in Okinawa island was Joe Lewis. He mixed learned skills from Japan with teachings of Bruce Lee to dominate the American Karate Circuit. Control of body and mind converted techniques known to be deadly to non-lethal competition and self-defense based karate concept know as Joe Lewis Karate.

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Disclaimer of Liability

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The mission of Non-Lethal Defense Technologies is to promote research and development of non-lethal concepts and defense technologies for conflict solution and personal security. This will support Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice efforts to examine technologies, tactics, and public policies regarding responsible application of minimal violence options.

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