Details on Non-Lethal Weapons in Service

It should be remembered that there are different types of weapons that are being used right now. Non-lethal weapons have started to become more popular recently. More and more people are starting to look for items that can they can use to protect themselves from harm. Assault still happens even in the middle of the pandemic. People should always be vigilant and prepared. How much do you know about non-lethal weapons in service anyway? You will know more details about this soon.

Non-Lethal Weapons in the US Army

The weapons that are being used in the US army can sometimes be considered so painful. People do not want to experience them anymore because they feel like the effect is already as unpleasant as a lethal weapon.

The non-lethal weapons used in the US Army are used for training but there are also instances when they can be used to control people. Some examples of these non-lethal weapons are the following:

  • Non-lethal claymore – If you are familiar with the claymore, you know that this can be a deadly weapon. The military is using a non-lethal version of it. Instead of the usual claymore that is made out of steel, this is made out of steel balls.
  • Pulsed energy projectile – This is definitely a painful weapon used in the US army. The short laser bursts will start to be seen on the outer portion of the skin. It can make people experience how it would be like to be blown off into pieces by a grenade but this time, they would stay alive.
  • Rubber ball hand grenade – You do not have to put a lot of thought into trying to figure out what this is. This is literally a type of grenade that is made out of rubber. To use this, it would need to be thrown like a regular grenade. Rubber pellets will come out of it.

Non-Lethal Weapons Used by the Police

The non-lethal weapons used by the police can be a bit different. They would still hurt people but these weapons may be used more in order to break up some riots that are happening. They may incapacitate people but the main objective of using them is to make people flee. Some of these items are the following:

  • Tear Gas – How many times have you heard people say that they were protesting something then they were sprayed with tear gas? This happens a lot of times. This can make people who are hit with this miserable. For others, they feel like it is quite an experience that they can tell other people about.
  • Pepper Spray – This can be used by the police for close encounters with people who are trying to hurt them. This is made up of oleoresin capsicum. This can also be used in grenades but the way that it will be used is slightly different. Pepper sprays are normally placed in canisters.
  • Rubber Bullets – There are some bullets that are generally made out of rubber. Others are made out of metal but are encased in rubber. This can make bullet wounds less lethal. The problem with this is it would still depend on where the person will get hit. If it hits someone right in the eye, it will still be lethal.


It will help to know the different types of non-lethal weapons that are being used by different groups now. Some are also made available to people so that they can protect themselves from harm. The more details that you know, the easier it will be to understand why some items are more lethal than the rest.

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