Differences Between the Laws of Non-Lethal Weapons in the USA and in Europe

What are non-lethal weapons? Are you familiar with them? These are weapons that can be used in order to cause some damage to the assailant without killing the person. There are different types that are available. Some are more commonly used in other places.

Do you realize that the way that these weapons are used can differ too? For example, there are some places wherein using a taser gun is not allowed. There are also some places wherein the use of certain chemicals will be discouraged.

People have often wondered what are the current differences between the laws in the USA and in Europe. You can continue reading to learn all the right details.

Law Restrictions of Non-Lethal Weapons in the USA

It is a known fact that there are some American cops who killed people accidentally by using non-lethal weapons. Some civilians have also used non-lethal weapons unlawfully and have been punished for it. These are some law restrictions to be familiar with:

  • The pepper spray cannot be sprayed directly into the eyes of assailants.
  • Electromagnetic weapons will always have the chance to become lethal. This means that people can still die when non-lethal weapons are used on them. For example, the stun gun that is set too high may cause the heart to stop.
  • Dazzlers, which are meant to temporarily blind assailants, are initially only used by the military and the police. Over the recent years, they started to become available to other people too. They should not be used for more than a few seconds or they may cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Law Restrictions of Non-Lethal Weapons in Europe

There are some guidelines that people can base on so that they will know how to use their non-lethal weapons in Europe. Some of the most important ones are the following:

  • There are some unlawful weapons that should not be used in any way such as spiked batons, lasers that can harm the eyes permanently, and so much more.
  • Non-lethal weapons can be used by the police when they need to make an arrest by force provided that they will not abuse the use of the non-lethal weapons.
  • Batons should be the main non-lethal weapon of choice against those who are threatening the police. This can be used while they are being arrested or when the police are trying to make people go away. For instance, in riots, the baton can be used to make people flee.


It is obvious that there are differences in the way that non-lethal weapons can be used. This can be used by civilians more freely in America. In Europe, people may have it but they can only use it in times of emergency. It will help to know as many details as possible about how these weapons can be used. This can help prevent you or any person that you know from making a mistake.

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