How to Use Non-Lethal Weapons Properly

There are a lot of non-lethal weapons that started to become developed in the 60s. Over the past decades, they have been further improved. What used to be only available to the military and the police also started to become available to people.

There are still many instances when people find themselves in situations wherein they need to protect themselves. As much as they would like to keep safe, people may follow them, assault them, and cause harm. They need the right non-lethal weapons so that they can get away from their attacker without killing anyone.

Types of Non-Lethal Weapons

Non-lethal weapons come in different types. You may choose the right one for you depending on the following:

  • Your Budget – Some non-lethal weapons will cost more than others.
  • Your Needs – Do you need something that you can easily get when you are at home? Do you want to have something that is portable? You can have an item that you can hide and just put out whenever you need to use it.
  • Your Preference – It cannot be denied that you will have your own preference. For example, you know that you can use a certain type of non-lethal weapon more. You can choose this type over the others.

Now, you should find out what you need to choose from:

  1. Chemical Non-Lethal Weapons – These are non-lethal weapons that are usually composed of different chemicals and compounds. They are meant to hurt people physically. An example of this is tear gas. This will cause some discomfort around the eyes and nose.
  2. Electrical Non-Lethal Weapons – These are weapons that make use of electricity in order to stun your attacker. A taser is a good example of a non-lethal weapon. One thing that you need to remember is you need to time your use of this perfectly. Some tasers will require you to be close to your attacker to stun properly.
  3. Blunt Non-Lethal Weapons – Sharp objects can be lethal and blunt objects can sometimes be lethal too. Yet, the chances are going to be smaller. Blunt non-lethal objects can be in the form of a portable tactical flashlight. It may also be a metal bat that you have at home.

Using Night Vision Devices

You should realize that there are a lot of night vision devices that can be purchased in the market right now. The question is, why do you need to purchase them? Just imagine if you are trying to monitor your surroundings at night. How will you see if there are intruders when you can barely see in the darkness? Night vision goggles will allow you to see your surroundings clearly. There are night vision devices that are thermal powered. This means that they will let you know if there are living things nearby based on the heat that they are emitting.

Some night vision devices can be powered by infrared. They will have their own built-in infrared so that your surroundings will be properly illuminated. You can check out some products that have both. Using night vision devices can make a huge difference. You will be prepared and ready if someone tries to assault you in the dark.


Do remember that non-lethal weapons cannot be abused. There are certain circumstances when you will be allowed to use them. You cannot use non-lethal weapons for fun because you might hurt someone permanently. You can check out ways on how you can use each kind of non-lethal weapon to assist you.

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