The mission of Non-Lethal Defense Technologies is to promote research and development of non-lethal concepts and defense technologies for conflict solution and personal security. This will support Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice efforts to examine technologies, tactics, and public policies regarding responsible application of minimal violence options.

• Coordinate appropriate research and development among Penn State’s faculty and staff at its 24 locations and network nationally with other universities, research institutions, laboratories, businesses, industries, and military and government agencies, to identify and utilize non-lethal related expertise and technologies

• Design, develop and maintain a computerized information and personnel data base of non-lethal related expertise and technologies.

• Examine simulation and modeling capabilities for assessing non-lethal concepts and technologies, evaluating deployment strategies, and assisting with training in the related areas.

• Create a forum for addressing societal and public policy issues related to the deployment of non-lethal/less-lethal technologies and procedures.

• Promote and host workgroups, symposiums, and conferences at regional, national, and international levels for study of minimal force options.

• Serve as a non-vested agent and trusted advisor to the military and government agencies as well as a source for law enforcement and the public on non-lethal technologies and their human effects.

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