The Daily Crossover

People always say, the trend is your friend. Exploiting a one directional trade is one of the most rewarding ways of trading currencies. Here is a way to trade based on NZDUSD daily crossover!

The idea is very simple and consists of two steps. First we look for a trend change on a long term chart. This is how we find confirmation of a new trend.  Then we search and find patterns on lower time frames for good trade entries. This way we mitigate risk. We just trade when it is rewarding short term. If the first trade goes bad we are out of there, otherwise all we need are 3 or 4 good consecutive opportunities in two weeks and we are done. It’s easy to make 30 to 80k US$ out of 1000 US$ with this plan provided we use short term vanilla or onetouch options. Let us look at the charts for a start.

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